AUB-DS1308 Auto-Heating Reailstic Dildos

Features: 10-frequency vibration, telescoping swing, 35/40/45-degree heating, remote control
Frequency: 7-variable frequency, 10 vibration modes
Color: Flesh
Power supply: Magnetic charging
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Rated current: 1000mAh
Large Size: 22.5*17*4cm, 452g
Small Size: 20.5*15.5*3.2cm, 377g
Material: Medical-grade liquid silicone
Maximum noise: <50dbs
Accessories: Data cable, remote control
Packaging details: PE bag

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  1. Three Functions: Stretching, Swing & Auto Heating: This product offers three main functions for an enhanced experience. It provides stretching, swing, and auto heating features to cater to different desires and preferences.

  2. Wireless Remote Control/Telescopic Swing/Smart Heating: The vibrator comes with a wireless remote control, allowing for convenient and hands-free operation. It also features a telescopic swing function that provides a dynamic and realistic sensation during use. Additionally, it includes smart heating technology that can warm up the toy to a temperature similar to the human body, enhancing the lifelike feel.
  3. Intelligent Automatic Telescopic Swing, Constant Climax: The vibrator is designed with an intelligent automatic telescopic swing function. This means it can simulate the thrusting motion experienced during intercourse, providing a constant and rhythmic stimulation. This feature aims to help users achieve a satisfying climax and enhance their sexual experience.
  4. One-Key Heating, Stimulating the Temperature of the Human Body: The vibrator offers a one-key heating function. This feature allows the toy to warm up to a temperature that mimics the natural warmth of the human body. The heat adds to the realism and overall sensation, creating a more pleasurable and immersive experience.
  5. 360° Rotation and Swing in the Right Range: The vibrator is capable of 360° rotation and swing. This allows for a comprehensive and varied stimulation, ensuring the right range of motion to target sensitive areas and provide maximum pleasure.
  6. Medical Grade Silicone ABS Material, Safe, Odorless, Skin-Friendly: The product is made from medical-grade silicone ABS material, ensuring safety, odorlessness, and skin-friendliness. This material is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and suitable for intimate use, providing a comfortable and worry-free experience.


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