AUB-DS1309 Popular Realistic Dildos Swing Dildos

Features: 10-frequency vibration, telescoping swing, 35/40/45-degree heating, remote control
Frequency: 7-variable frequency, 10 vibration modes
Color: Brown
Power supply: Magnetic charging
Size: 22*17*4cm
Weight: 452g
Rated current: 1000mAh
Material: Medical-grade liquid silicone
Maximum noise: <50dbs
Accessories: Data cable, remote control
Packaging details: PE bag

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  1. 3 in 1: Vibrating, Swing & Auto Heating: This product offers three main functions in one device. It provides vibrating, swinging, and auto heating features to enhance your pleasure and satisfaction. With these multiple functions, you can explore different sensations and customize your experience according to your preferences.
  2. Wireless Remote Control: The vibrator comes with a wireless remote control, allowing you to conveniently adjust settings and switch between different modes without interruption. This wireless feature adds convenience and ease of use, giving you control over your pleasure from a distance.
  3. 1000mAh Big Battery Capacity: The vibrator is equipped with a large 1000mAh battery capacity. This ensures a longer usage time and reduces the frequency of recharging, allowing you to enjoy uninterrupted pleasure for extended sessions.
  4. Medical-Grade Silicone Material, Safe to Use: This product is made from medical-grade silicone material, known for its safety and quality. It is designed to be body-safe, hypoallergenic, and suitable for intimate use. The medical-grade silicone ensures a comfortable and worry-free experience.

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